"Rebecca's ability to work with the fascia and underlying muscle is amazing. She somehow knows where to work for the deep release of old tensions and misaligned structural habits. I love going and feel the somatic shifting is always given with great compassion. The atmosphere is relaxed and professional and the service timely and warm." - Natasha C.

"Rebecca has a natural skill and ability to find the space of healing attuned to what I need and where I'm at. When I see her, she holds space for the peace I need to find comfort in the moment--both emotional and physical. Rebecca intuitively reads the deeper messages from my body's holding, tension and physical patterns to use massage to coax release and nurture ease within my body. Seeing her is a gift to myself." - Darcy S. 

"Rebecca has a very intuitive touch and offers a range of massage options from relaxation to facia to working on localized areas causing pain or discomfort. She has a really kind and welcoming energy and when I didn't know exactly what I needed she was really helpful in laying out options and giving suggestions. I have lower back issues and her massages have made a huge impact." - Jen H.

"Getting massage from Rebecca is much more than a typical massage, because Rebecca has the knowledge, skill and intuition of a healer.  Rebecca is aware of the physical and emotional aspects of massage and customizes her massage to meet my needs each time I see her. She customizes her massages to meet my needs, from relaxation and calming after an emotional time, to muscular relaxation and reinvigoration without too much muscle release when I'm training for a race. Overall- Rebecca provides amazing personalized body work and really cares about her client's health and well being!  Her massages are incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating." - Claire L.